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A collection of questions I've been asked. That envelope in the upper right corner is the place to click if you have a question of your own.

Why Mallow & Hop?

My signature item started as beer marshmallows. Plus, it sounded good.

How do you make marshmallows?

You know how you make Jello? Pour boiling water into gelatin, stir, wait until set. Marshmallows are similar except instead of pouring boiling water it's boiling sugar, and once you pour it in you whip the heck out of it for about 10 minutes. Then you wait for them to set. If you'd like to learn more, I highly recommend Eileen Talanian's book "Marshmallows".

Are your marshmallows vegan?

Have you looked at the ingredient lists for vegan marshmallows? Here's an example: "tapioca syrup, vegan cane sugar, water, non-GMO corn starch, carrageenan, non-GMO soy protein, acacia, pure vanilla extract, sea salt, locust bean gum, organic confectioner’s sugar." I count four ingredients in there that act as the replacement for gelatin. It's a delicate proposition, and adding flavorings and fruit purees and alcohol to that just complicate it. It is on the docket though. One day I'll pull out that agar agar and start to experiment. If you are particularly interested in selling wholesale vegan passion fruit marshmallows, let me know, and I will start to experiment sooner.

Are your marshmallows kosher?

No, but I can make kosher marshmallows by request for events and parties with enough advanced notice.

How long do your marshmallows last?

I am currently using a conservative estimate of 4 weeks for Key Lime Pie and Caramel Apple Pie and 6 weeks for the rest - however, I am testing the marshmallows now to see their actual Best By dates. Unfortunately, the main ingredient in this experiment is time.

What is the ideal temperature of a roasted marshmallow to perfectly melt the chocolate on a S'more?

146.6° C. How you measure that a marshmallow is that temperature? That I don't know.

I'd like to buy something from you but I don't know how! 

Email me at and we'll figure it out!