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Recipes, thoughts and rants from Mallow & Hop.

The State of the Business 2016

Karen Marshall

It's mid January 2016, which means I just filed my taxes for 2015, because I'm an overachiever. The first entry in my account tagged as "Mallow & Hop" was May 19th, 2015, to Squarespace for this very website. What's happened since then?

2015 Financials

Yikes. That doesn't look good. It's a well known fact that new companies can take yeaaaars to turn a profit but what that includes and the above doesn't is employee salary - they hide in those numbers the CEOs paying themselves out of the investment money and oh man does that seem nice at this moment. But that's not what this is: it's an experimental CFO that makes weird marshmallows out of a home kitchen and it's what keeps me sane and motivated in this big scary world. $3000 is a small price to pay. But let's try to break even in 2016, shall we? That means, Karen, that no, you can't buy the $6200 chocolate temperer and enrober you've got your eye on.

Expense Breakdown

Other CFOs - does this feel right to you? That packaging number... wow. And that's considering that all the design work was done in house! Who has money to pay for a graphic designer?

What else is new?

Bulk Marshmallows!

I'm really really excited to be selling marshmallows to Demitasse to be torched and used in their amazing Lavender Hot Chocolate. And I have an apology to make.


I've been waging a war against vanilla marshmallows for years - I've said they're sickly sweet, I've said they're boring. When people tell me that they don't like marshmallows, I said "Have you only had vanilla? Because if so, I understand why." And it doesn't help that when I tried a local competitor's vanilla option earlier this summer, the vanilla was overpoweringly strong, almost gag-worthy. I held strong.

And then I got an email asking for vanilla marshmallows in bulk. I made them, sulking the entire time. And then I tasted one.

And it was glorious.

 Vanilla Marshmallows! Who knew????

Vanilla Marshmallows! Who knew????

I made 16 batches this weekend, and it was hard resist the temptation just to eat one marshmallow... they won't notice, right?

Now, does this mean that you'll be seeing vanilla added to the Mallow & Hop line? Not yet. Other people are doing vanilla, and while I'm not convinced they're quite as good as these, I bet they beat the Jet Puffed. Want to try mine? Head to any of the three Demitasse locations in Los Angeles. :)

A Wedding!

Aaron and his fiancee Jordan came to me last October with a request to make marshmallows for their January wedding. They threw out some flavor ideas, I played with some recipes, we all tasted some amazing marshmallows, and they settled on giving out mini variety packs of their three favorite: Cabernet Sauvignon, Strawberry Champagne, Double Chocolate. I designed a custom label for them and sealed each pack with two hand curled ribbons: a process which my fingers hated me for, but turned out beautifully. Just look!

Ooof, those wine marshmallows though! They might have to end up on the shelves one day...