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Recipes, thoughts and rants from Mallow & Hop.

Beyond the Graham Cracker

Karen Marshall

First - a few announcements:

  • As of today you can buy my marshmallows at the Cheesemongers of Sherman Oaks (Cherry Beer, Apricot IPA and Caramel Apple Pie) and Milkfarm LA (Mint Chocolate Chip, Mocha Chip, Strawberry Lemonade and Caramel Apple Pie)! It is not at all a coincidence that these two places are both cheese slingers - Cheese People are My People!
  • On Saturday, August 8th, I will be at Milkfarm LA with a ton of samples and marshmallows for sale as part of their "Meet the Maker" series. More details soon! 

Now on to the blog meat-

The most common question I'm asked when I present my line of marshmallows is "What do I do with them?" My general reply is a bewildered "Um.... you eat them?" which, while true, is probably not helping my case. For the record, I believe the best course of action for most of the Mallow & Hop flavors is to just pop it in your mouth. The reason vanilla marshmallows are generally used as a part of other treats is that they're pretty bland on their own, which is not something you can say about the Apricot IPA (vanilla diss!). But I digress: the point is, I'm working on developing a bunch of fun recipes and ideas to use Mallow & Hop marshmallows in traditional and non-traditional ways. Starting with perhaps the most traditional - S'MORES!

mint chocolate chip + chocolate + graham crackers

No one is breaking the imagination bank on this one - but for the less adventurous among your friends, this is your stepping stone. I'd go for honey graham vs cinnamon graham in this case, as the cinnamon / mint combo can be a little strange. 

caramel apple pie + iced oatmeal cookie + caramel

Sweetness overload! You may need to try a couple of brands of iced oatmeal before finding the right one - the one I bought ($1.99 Safeway brand - I roll hard) was a little thick and made it hard to bite without ending up with marshmallow goop squirting out the back of the s'more.

passion fruit + caramel + graham cracker

My friend Julia bought me a fantastic cookbook a few years ago called "The Flavor Bible" - it lists every food, and what is pairs well with. It's great for coming up with recipe ideas. Under Passion Fruit, caramel is bolded, starred and in all-caps. The Flavor Bible is really rooting for this s'more.

strawberry lemonade + golden oreo


Starting to get a little weirder here, and more to my taste - though still very recognizably dessert, the strawberry lemonade marshmallows adds a tang that may make this more palatable to the more mature readers. This is another messy one. If you want clean hands at the end of this... don't make s'mores.

key lime pie + ginger snaps + raspberry jam

As with the apple pie above, you may need to experiment to find the perfect brand of ginger snaps, and opt for something a little thinner than pictured.

apricot ipa + big wheat thins + fromager d'affinois


THE HOLY GRAIL OF FANCY S'MORES! Cheese and beer and marshmallow and Wheat Thins, snack food 3rd only to Cheez-Its and Oreos (for such a stereotypical foodie, I have pretty accessible taste in junk food)! Make sure to get the Big Wheat Thins, as the normal size won't stand up to the marshmallow and cheese. And while I suppose Brie will do as a substitution, get the Fromager D'Affinois if you get the chance! I wondered if this was maybe just my love for cheese and crackers that sustained this combo, but I tried this with the Cherry Beer mallows too, but it really didn't gel in the same way - the search for the Cherry Beer s'more continues.

do you have a suggestion for Mallow & Hop s'mores?

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If your suggestion is within reason (I say, with a pointed glare at my day job co-workers who have in the past requested marshmallow flavors such as "Subway Bread Smell," "Shrimp Cactus" and "Kimchi Marmalade") I will try it and post about it. You could be the next culinary hero! Or you could end up assaulting my taste buds - either way you win!

Until next time,