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Recipes, thoughts and rants from Mallow & Hop.

Artisanal LA in Lists

Karen Marshall

 I look exhausted... and this is 12pm Saturday!

I look exhausted... and this is 12pm Saturday!

Some lists from the weekend.

A short list of suggestions I wasn't thrilled by (but am not counting out):

  • Make vegan marshmallows
  • Make kosher marshmallows
  • Make paleo marshmallows
  • Make marshmallows out of marshmallow root
  • Sell a bunch of stuff that isn't marshmallows

A short list of misconceptions I need to find a way to prevent:

  • Thinking the marshmallows were soap
  • Thinking the samples represented the size of the marshmallows
  • Thinking that gifts are given only on December 25th

A VERY short list of questions that I need to find a better answer to

  • What do you suggest I do with them?

A short list of things to remember for the next event

  • 10" x 10" x 10" is a lot of wall space, which 5 picture frames and a banner won't fill
  • Standing for 9 hours in heels on concrete is a terrible idea
  • Don't be stingy with the size of samples if the size of samples undermines your product

A short list of things I wish the Cottage Food Act didn't prevent

  • Ordering online and shipping (!!!!!!!!!)
  • Creating and selling new types of recipes without having to re-apply

A short list of highlights

  • Being told that my marshmallows are great by a foodie VIP that shall go un-named
  • My tireless friends making me go grab a grilled cheese while they held down the fort
  • Endless excited and surprised feedback from consumers
  • Sunday at 5:50pm being barter time with all the fantastic surrounding businesses

A short list of vendors who are exceptional people and have exceptional products

  • IndieJams LA
  • Bread SRSLY
  • Letterpress Chocolate
  • Buzzed Honey

There is so so much to write about upcoming - an exciting video feature in which Mallow & Hop took part, possible upcoming events, custom mallows for a wedding, new ideas and collaborations, new product ideas, and I still haven't posted that Salted Passionfruit Dulce De Leche with Banana Pie recipe from the KCRW pie contest... but I think for now I will sleep.

Or maybe just try to.

While my brain dances with new flavor combinations.